Innovative technology

Innovative technology

The Company focuses on innovative applications of printing technology to boost our own competitive advantages. Various technologies that can be applied practically to printing have been released by the Company.

HUV(Hybrid) printing process:

The KOMORI GL540HUV printing machine made in Japan was bought. H-UV utilizes the next-generation ink drying technology and via HUV technology, main printing effectiveness are shown below:
 More reliable quality • Shorter printing time • Easy printing on various materials  • Diverse printing patterns  • Multiple processing types available   • Environmentally friendly printing

Development of micro-screentone printing technology:
The Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) assisted the traditional industry to develop and complete technology presentations. The
20μm and 10μm ultra- fine screentone printing technologies have been successfully developed and utilized for printing premium works and quality.

3D lenticular and dynamic printing:

Through lenticular lenses, image files are produced and printed to present 2D images in 3D dynamic visual effects as well as multiple image registration for the presentation of vivid animated special effects for more visual enjoyment and fun reading.Name cards with 3D lenticular and dynamic printing: Images are presented in horizontal dynamic format and name cards are printed with the high-tech UV printing to show natural images that have different views in angles. The special feature of interchange of two images is available to show the vivid 2D special effect of name cards.

Hidden images and texts:

This technology utilizes effects generated from screentone angles, logos and patterns can only be seen on a special screen. It makes printing more fun and can be applied as security technology.

Laser security label

Incorporating special shading of laser film into HUV printing, this technology is adopted to produce safety labels for package products. It can also have the attractive colorful effect of reflection diffuse.

Logical light embossing

Ink particles are shown through the effect of mutually exclusive to present light and shade. This technology can replace traditional coating methods to show better particle quality and prettier and clearer printing works.