Fulfilling social responsibilities

  1. The Company complies with relevant labor laws, respects the principle of basic human rights recognized internationally, protects legal rights and adopts employment policies with equal treatment to establish proper management methods. The Company regularly reviews relevant procedures and implementation
  2. The Company provides employees a safe and healthy work environment as well as regularly conducts safety and health education for employees: 

1. Protection measures for the work environment and safety of employees:

Labor safety and health management and assistance and counselling to suppliers to enact labor safety and health related measures;

2. Implementation of quality management system:

Enactment and implementation of construction quality plan

3. The Company provides group insurance coverage (casualty insurance, accidental death insurance) to all employees as well as commercial fire insurance to the workplace and equipment for the provision of a safe work environment.

      C.Establishment of regular communication channels for employees as well as proper notification methods to inform employees about operational changes with significant impacts:
1. The Company sets up employees' opinion boxes to listen to employees' suggestions and to establish systemized communication and appealing channels. The Company also replies and proceeds concerns and expectations of employees reasonably.
2. At present, there have been no operational changes with major impacts. This is not applicable to the Company.