Area of Stakeholders

SHEN’s cares for the interaction with stakeholders and we welcome stakeholders to directly contact us via channel below. We will reply you timely and thank you for caring for SHEN’s.

Employee HR: Ms. Yuan
Customers Customer Services: Ms. Lai

Material Procurement: Ms. Chen

Shareholders/Investors Finance: Mr. Chen
Media Finance: Mr. Chen
Other stakeholders

Finance: Mr. Chen

Fulfilling CSR:

A. Environmental Work:

(1)    The Company has long been devoted to environmental protection and social responsibilities. In 1994, SHEN’s was awarded by the MOEA as Taiwan's first company with the excellence of pollution control and prevention. In 1995, the "Asian Productivity Organization" selected SHEN’s Asia's demo company for waste reduction. The Company has been certified with ISO9001 and ISO 14001 respectively for quality and environmental management. In 2009, SHEN’s was certified with FSCTM (SGSHK-COC-005676) and in the same year, SHEN’s was the winner of the 5th Corporate Social Responsibility Award of Global Vision Magazine. In 2010, Shen cooperated with National Taiwan University of Arts for the industry-academic program on printing carbon footprint to conduct an overall review of the whole printing process. In 2012, SHEN’s began promoting press print eco-label to incorporate with the government's green business policy. In 2014, SHEN’s was certified with the golden eco-label for press printing by the Environmental Protection Administration, the first and only printing company in Taiwan. In the future, the Company will continue fulfilling its CSR and contributing to development of the industry and social welfare.

(2)    Designated and qualified waste treatment companies for water pollution control and prevention and waste sorting are hired by the Company. No reports of violating environmental pollution of the Company have been made.

(3)    Our plant installs overall energy saving tubes to lower energy consumption.

(4)    Shen promotes waste sorting and set up the resource recycling center to contribute to environmental protection.

B. Community participation and be a friendly neighbor: The Company encourages staff to participate in community events held by the city government or district office.
C. Social contribution: The Company is open for visits for social groups and schools at various levels for promoting good interaction. At the same time, welfare and charity funds are given to academic institutions from time to time.

D. Social services: Incorporating with the promotion of "the Tobacco Hazards Control Act" promoted by the government, the Company calls for all employees to care for health.

E. Rights of consumers: Business units of the Company immediately adopt handling measures for consumer complaints as well as set up the designated service window to protect rights of consumers.

F. Human rights: The Company highly cares for human rights and believes that regardless of race, gender and age, every employee shall enjoy equal work rights. Opportunities to have individual freedom and development are also provided to protect personal dignity.

G. Safety and health: In order to prevent the occurrence of occupational disasters, protect safety and health of employees, the Company enacts "the Guidance for Employee's Safety and Health" for employees to follow.

H. Employees' rights: The Company complies with the laws to set up the Employees' Welfare Community and regularly allocate welfare funds to organize various employee's events. In terms of employee's insurance coverage, in addition to labor and health insurance coverage of employees requested by the government, the Company provides group insurance coverage of accidents, medical treatment and hospitalization and occupational disasters and incidents to care for the life of employees.

I. Caring for employees: The Company cares for comfort and cleanliness of the work environment as well as work safety of employees by installing security systems and monitoring devices. Production equipment is installed with protection devices to ensure employee's safety. Periodical health examinations are conducted for employees.

J. J. Investor relations: The Company complies with laws to honestly put open information on the Market Observation Post System to ensure rights of investors. On the website of the Company, there is information about mailbox addresses of investors and contact information to maintain good and harmony relations between the Company and shareholders.

K. Suppliers' relations: The Company also cares very much for supplier management so as to maintain good interactive contacts with suppliers. By building the partner relations, a win-win situation can be created.