Post-press equipment and technology

The concept and direction behind SHEN’s post-press system aims to improve efficiency of the production process as well as integrated operation. In order to satisfy various demands of customers for different products, we have a reliable and efficient production line to support binding and processing works in the post-press process. The whole system consists of machines of saddle stitch, glue binding, paper folding, mail stitch, and thermal shrink. Combining the logistics system, after processed, print products are delivered through the integrated services to different areas.

Main post-press equipment:

1. Perfect Binder
Corona C12 perfect binder (18+1 page distribution stations)
2. Saddle Stitcher
Martini Saddle Stitcher (12+1 page distribution stations) 1
3. Wrapper Shrink
Sitma C80/750/35(automatic name sticker machine) 1
4. Paper folding equipment
Heidelberg STAHL KD66  
Heidelberg STAHL TD66 2
High-speed paper folder Horizon AF-762KLL+FFU-76M 1
MBO T535E 1

(一)Perfect binder

(二)Saddle stitch machine

(三)Mail stitch and thermal shrink machine

(四)Paper folder