Company benefits

In terms of employees' welfare

Welfare system and implementation:

In order to strive for sustainable management and provide a good work environment for employees, the Company ensures employees can work with their talent and knowledge and to grow personally with the Company by setting up the Employee's Welfare Committee for implementation of welfare measures and organization of employee's events.

Insurance and health insurance system and implementation:

  1. Labor insurance: The coverage is provided according to the "Labor Insurance Act."
  2. National health insurance: The Company complies with the "National Health Insurance Act" to provide coverage to employees.
  3. Group insurance: All employees since the date of their employment have been covered by the group insurance program provided by the Company.
  4. Regular free health examination: The Company regularly hires medical institutions to conduct health examinations of employees.

In terms of educational training of employees:

The Company cares for talent cultivation and training and through various educational training, knowledge and skills of practitioners have been enhanced. Contents of training include three types: orientation, training outside the Company, courses organized by the Company.

Retirement system and implementation:

Rules governing labor retirement are enacted by the Company. In addition to establishment of the "Supervisory Committee for Labor Pension Preparation" reported to the Government, according to the report of actuary, pension preparation funds are allocated and deposited at the special account of labor pension preparation funds at the Bank of Taiwan monitored and managed by the "Supervisory Committee for Labor Pension Preparation" to care for the retirement life of employees. On July 1s, 2005, the Government adopted the Labor Pension Act (new labor retirement system), the Company complies with the Act to monthly allocated pensions for employees eligible for the new labor retirement system and deposits the retirement funds at individual accounts set up by the Labor Insurance Bureau.

Employer-Employee Negotiation

The Company always respects the opinions of employees and to ensure the bi-directional communications, employees can convey their opinions via communication channels surpassing direct supervisors, department heads, meetings of managers, and employer-employee meetings. Good results have been observed.

Maintenance measures of employees' rights

1. Establishment of the Employee's Welfare Committee: Festival welfare funds and subsidies for weddings and funerals, self-organizing employees' events and group insurance coverage for medical treatment and hospitalization are provided to employees.

2. Employee's insurance coverage: Employees of the Company are all covered in labor insurance, national health insurance, and group insurance provided by the employer.

3. Health examination: To ensure physical and psychological health of employees, the Company regularly provides free health examinations to employees.

4. Labor pension system: According to the "Labor Standards Act," preparation funds of pension are allocated monthly and deposited at the Bank of Taiwan. According to the "Labor Pension Act," labor pension funds are allocated monthly to individual accounts of employees of the Bureau of Labor Insurance. The said new and old pension systems are implemented according to laws.

5. Caring for the employer-employee relations: Each year, one employer-employee meeting is convened and hosted by the General Manager to talk to employee representatives to facilitate opinion exchanges and negotiation between two sides.

6. Rules governing employee safety: The Company complies with the Labor Standards Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act to arrange proper safety and health education and trainings for employees.