The Winner in Five Categories of the 14thTaiwan Golden Print Award

"Printing Excellence with Professional and Award Recognitions"

SHEN’s once again demonstrates its printing excellence by outperforming its competitors and winning top prize of magazine printing and other outstanding achievement awards.Its winning works was recognized for fine printing technique and effective presentation of colors and outlets that show taste and quality of Taiwan's top fashion magazine and SHEN’s mature printing technique to bring the brand-new manner of printing works.

In 2020, SHEN’s five printing works were awarded with the 2020 14th Golden Print Awards:

  • For the Year of the Mouse (2nd Prize)
  • 2020 Old School Calendar (2nd Prize)
  • FOUNTAIN 2019 SEPTEMBER (2nd Prize)
  • PAR Performing Arts Review No.327 (Excellence Award) 
  • BENSHI Number 10 - SUMMER2020 (Excellence Award)